Keyword Facile
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In this section you can turn on/off the categories in which to search for suggestions.

These parameters determine whether a book is compliant. 

These parameters do not affect the compliance of the books but only in the coloring of the boxes in the table.

Tables and tabs can be activated/deactivated in this section. If an item is active, it will be displayed immediately during analysis without activation on the toolbar.

In this section you can turn on/off the data you want to display in the cards.

Using this section, you can define the Hot Zone’s range.


  1. Show / hide the table of suggestions
  2. Show / hide book summary table
  3. Show / hide table summary of sponsored books
  4. Download ASIN list
  5. Show / hide book tabs in horizontal format
  6. Show / hide book tabs in vertical format
  7. Show / hide book tabs under books
  8. Opens Google Trend
  9. Shows / hides the toolbar


Left click on a keyword to analyze it on the current page or CTRL + Left Click to analyze it in a new tab.

  1. Expands / compresses the list of suggestions (active only after doing an EXTRA search)
  2. Does an EXTRA search for suggestions
  3. Downloads keywords list

The categories in which to search for suggestions can be set in the options.


These scores are calculated based on the compliance parameters in the options (COMPLIANCE: BSR, Ratings and Reviews)

  1. Number of books in compliance that are in the Hot Zone
  2. Total books in compliance on the first page
  3. First-page books in compliance published by Self-Publishers
  4. Books in compliance on the first page that contain the keyword in the title
  5. Niche Score for Low Content
  6. Number of Results


This table shows the maximum, minimum, and average values of BSR in all formats, Ratings, Reviews, Age (number of days since publication), Price.
New is the number of new books (Period settable in options)
SP is the number of Self-Publishers on the first page


This table shows the estimated best, worst and average scenario for a self-publisher publishing on this keyword.


This table shows the data of the books on the first page.

The table of contents column is colored if the book is compliant. With different colors depending on whether it is published by a Self-Publisher or not.

The title is green if it contains the keyword analyzed.

The data is colored green if it meets the parameters or yellow if it is within tolerance.

Book life is light blue if the book is new.


This table shows the data of sponsored books from the first to the tenth page. The number of pages can be set in the options.
If this table is activated in the options, the data are loaded immediately during keyword analysis, otherwise they are loaded only if the table is activated from the toolbar.


If V Cards or H Cards are active, the books will be shown in tabs containing all the data activated in the options. The data are colored according to the parameters set in the options. They are green background for compliant books.
V Cards are displayed vertically
H Cards are displayed horizontally
They have the same data, only the display pattern changes to user preference.


They are “hanging” cards under the books. They contain the same data as the larger cards.